The viral video of Shakira with Maluma that could make Piqué jealous

Gerard Piqué may well be jealous of the video that his girl, Shakira, has recorded with his partner and compatriot Maluma. Not because I suspect that among them could start a furtive love story, but because the video that both singers have recorded has become a success in reproductions, far from the footballer did with his girlfriend months ago.

While Shakira continues with her process of recovery of her vocal cord disease, she sees how the counter of visits to the video of ‘Trap’ that she recorded with Maluma for her album ‘El Dorado’ does not stop adding new followers. In less than a month -specifically three weeks- they have accumulated more than 72 million reproductions and the trend is that they continue to rise without end, being one of the great successes of the year in the music scene. A clip directed by the Spanish Jaume de Laiguana in which Colombian artists share their talent among a smoke screen.

In fact, so much success is monopolizing this video that Shakira has not hesitated to take advantage of the good fortune that is smiling to share in his Instagram profile a small clip that shows how he sings with Maluma in the living room of his house this same song of ‘Trap’. A relaxed atmosphere, a good roll that is assumed between them and the rumor that Maluma is stealing Piqué hours in the personal agenda of his girl have achieved that only this video of social networks has more than 2 million views in only 4 days

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