The latest version of Windows has reached 85%

In mid-October last year, Microsoft gradually began distributing its latest upgrade to Windows 10, Fall Creators Update, to all users. Now, about four months after that, the latest version has found its place on computers as much as 85% of Windows 10 users, thanks primarily to automated upgrades that are all included by default.

Fall Creators Update and the fastest distributed Windows 10 upgrade, it’s visible on the AdDuplex graphic display that released data for February, although all three final versions (1607, 1703 and 1709) found the way to end users very quickly. In some Western European countries, and SSAD and Canada, the last upgrade has reached even more than 90% of users, while in some countries like China and India this share still does not exceed 60%.

Creators Update, launched in April 2017, is still present on computers with 8.1% of users, while 5.1% still have an Anniversary Update installed in August 2016. About 1.5% of PCs are still “spinning” older versions (1507 and 1511) launched in 2015.

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