Saudi king Salman dismissed the commander of the army and a number of other officials

Saudi king Salman dismissed the army chief of staff this morning in a new wave of changes in the monarchy, the agency said.

– General Abdul Rahman bin Saleh el-Bunyan, Chief of Staff, has been dismissed – Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has announced, arguing that Fayad el-Ruvaili was appointed to that post.

The king also removed the chiefs of the airborne and air forces. There is no reason to change, but everything happens at a time when Saudi Arabia leads the military coalition in the Yemen war.

Salman appointed a number of other lower officials, governors, ministers and mayors, with Tamadur bin Jusef al-Ramah being appointed deputy minister of labor.

Among the nominees is the deputy governor of the Province of Asir, Prince of Turki bin Talal, the brother of billionaire Alvalid bin Talal, who was arrested in an anti-corruption investigation, but later dealt with the authorities. Saudi analyst Ahmed el-Tovayan said on state television that it was about introducing fresh blood into military power and young people in the state administration.

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