According to insiders, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were not married

The network is actively discussing the divorce of 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux, but it turns out, there was no marriage. Portal journalists found out from informed sources that there was no official registration.

Reporters conducted their own investigation, and contacted the Los Angeles County Court and reviewed all documents until 2010. It turned out that Aniston and Teru did not receive the license necessary for the marriage. Without such a license, it is impossible to register a marriage, from which it can be concluded: the wedding was only a holiday for the couple and the family, but legally marriage is not concluded. In any case, the information is still not confirmed.

The couple could receive a marriage license in any of the courts in 57 districts. It is also possible that an important document is simply classified. despite this, insiders are on their own and claim that there was no marriage. “Everybody knew for a long time that they are not married by law,” the source of TMZ reports. Until this is proven, there is an active investigation into the divorce of actors in the network. For example, one of the reasons for the event was recently put forward. According to sources, it was too close friendship with the wife of Aniston with 49-year-old actress Naomi Watts. According to insiders, Jennifer was very upset when she discovered in the network last year a photo of her husband hugging and chatting with Watts at one of the events in New York last January.

These embraces to the actress seemed not so friendly, the more suspicious the communication seemed to Jennifer for the reason that Watts then parted with her beloved Liv Schreiber. But, as his wife Teru later explained, they were only friendly embraces, because the actors are connected by 16 years of friendship. True, there were many rumors about his intrigues and infidelity in Hollywood, so it is possible that Aniston did not believe his words. It was then, according to the insiders, the couple stopped living together.

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