31-year-old actress Megan Fox talked about how she manages to combine career and family life with her husband Brian Austin Greene

Usually Brian is engaged in children in the morning. He takes them to a kindergarten, and I take them, “she says. Preserve the marital relations of the actress prefer time alone. The star believes that this is a great way to relax from children and enjoy each other’s company. “Once a week we go to the movies or to dinner. I’m trying to follow a simple rule – not to talk about children, but this, of course, is almost impossible, “- admits Fox. A year and a half ago, the actress gave birth to a third child. She quickly came to the same sexual forms and posed for advertising underwear. As recognized by Fox, to achieve such success in a short time she was helped by proper nutrition. “I eat only organic food. I drink about three liters of water a day and not more than one cup of coffee, “- says the star.

The interviewers are already in the habit of asking female stars about sex scandals in Hollywood. Megan called Hollywood “moral bankrupt” and said that the rights of people in him absolutely no one cares: “Once they get from you everything they need, they will absolutely not care what will happen to you. Even if you break your arm or leg during filming. Your physical condition does not interest anyone, and if you bleed, you will continue to work, “she said. Despite the fact that the actress recognizes the danger and dishonesty of the film industry, Megan Fox, who played in a series of films about transformers apologized to director Michael Bey. In 2009, the actress called the director Hitler, because of what he drove her out of the caste of the film. After so many years, only now the actress realized her mistake and in an interview for Cosmopolitan UK she apologized to Michael.

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